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Oakville sign

The City of Oakville is the southeastern gateway to Grays Harbor County, was incorporated on December 18, 1905, and has a population of approximately 715 residents.  

Oakville was named for Washington's only native oak. The White Oak, or "Garry Oak" woodlands found in the area provide habitat for many threatened and sensitive species.

Oakville has been called a "frontier logging town nestled between two centuries."  Take a walk or drive through town for a unique flavor of the past.  From antiques and historical buildings to rodeos and scenic tours; you will experience the millennium with both the rustic past and the brightening future.  Historic buildings like the old corner-style bank has its place in the history books as it is the last bank to be robbed by horseback.  Many other historic buildings throughout Oakville give the area a unique and welcoming appeal.