Welcome to Oakville City Hall

Oakville, Washington USA

June 09, 2014

Mayor Sims called the regular Council Meeting of June 9, 2014 to order at 7:30 P.M.


Everyone joined in the Pledge of Allegiance.



Mayor Thomas Sims and Council Members Traci Fallow, Allan Palmerson, John Ruymann and Angelo Cilluffo answered roll call.  



Motion was made by Councilman Cilluffo with a second by Councilor Palmerson to accept the regular meeting minutes of June 9, 2014 meeting with one correction.  A date change is needed in the first line.   Motion carried. 


PUBLIC HEARING:  Marijuana Moratorium Extension:  Opened at 7:32 PM.  Public opinion was heard from C. Holmes, who supports the current business; D. Johnny, who works with works with youth, has delayed a family center, and supports an extension; and Lt. D. Porter, who spoke about the changing laws and current crime. Councilman Palmer asked a few questions pertaining to the existing establishments. The questions were answered by attorney Dan Glenn.  The public hearing ended 7:46 PM.


Six Year Street Plan:   Opened at 7:46 PM. Questions and explanations were answered by Dan Thompson, Public Works Director.  Public Hearing ended at 7:50PM.



Buck Meile spoke about the elected official’s mandatory training stating new members should get all of the information possible. He also stated he appreciated Lt. Porter’s comments regarding marijuana use.



Mayor Sims asked council if they wanted him to get individual bids or one for entire project.  The response was individual.  Dan Glenn, Oakville’s legal counsel stated he needed to look into that issue, as it may be not legal to break-up the project.


Mayor Pro-Tem needs to be elected.  Councilman Ruymann nominated Angelo Cilluffo.  Councilmember Fallow seconded the motion.  Motion carried. 




ATTORNEY’S REPORT:  Included in packets

Attorney Dan Glenn had the details regarding the elected officials training available via the internet.


POLICE REPORT:  Lt. Porter handed out his report. Included: the average calls were 46 per week.



Public Works Director, Dan Thompson’s Water, Streets, Cemetery, Parks & Misc report was in the packets.  He looked into the pricing for metal barricades which would be used during the 4th of July parade.  It was requested that the stop sign by the fire department cannot be seen because trees are covering it.  Public Works will take care of it.







Hawkins Resignation Letter: Councilman Richard Hawkins officially resigned his position from the council.  He is moving and will be living outside the city limits.


Zehe Letter:  Julie Zehe expressed an interest in Councilman Hawkins’s council position.

The Council will accept letters of interest from members of the community for Council Position #1 until 5:00 PM, July 10, 2014.

Oakville Chamber:  Dean Hamilton, treasurer for the Chamber of Commerce requested the Council to waive the permit fee for the 4th of July celebration. Councilman Ruymann made the motion to waive the permit fee for the Chamber, who will be sponsoring Oakville’s 4th of July function.  Councilmember Cilluffo seconded.     Motion carried.   

Friends of the LibraryRequest:  There was a request from the Friends of the Library to use the space in the back portion of the library to hold their meetings.  Councilor Fallow made the motion for the council to allow them to utilize the back part of the library for their monthly meetings.  The motion was seconded by Councilman Ruymann.    Motion carried. 


5 Year GHC Public Service Agreement:  Motion was made by Councilmember Fallow with a second by Councilman Palmerson to allow Mayor Sims to sign the GHC Public Service Agreement.  Motion carried. 

Library Proposal:  To be tabled until next workshop.



RESOLUTION 393 - SIX YEAR STREET PLAN:  Councilmember Fallow made the motion to accept the Six Year Street Plan. Councilman Ruymann seconded the motion.  Motion carried. 


ORDINANCE #601 – MARIJUANA MORATORIUM:  A motion was made by Councilor Cilluffo and seconded by Councilmember Fallow to accept the Marijuana Moratorium Extension.  Motion carried. 


Amy Durga, Oakville’s Clerk/Treasurer submitted Checks #17703 thru #17711 dated 05-23-14 in the amount of $4,802.39.

Checks #17712 thru #17729 dated 06-05-14, in the amount of $11,899.03

Payroll Checks #12131 thru #12148 dated 05-29-14, in the amount of $13,449.26

Motion was made by Councilmember Fallow and seconded by Councilman Palmerson to accept the Clerk’s Report as presented for payment of the bills.  Motion carried.




Councilman Cilluffo: Wants no new marijuana stores in Oakville.

Councilmember Fallow: Appreciates the audience attending the meetings and their comments.

Councilman Palmerson: Agrees with Councilman Cilluffo, “No more dispensaries”.

Mayor Sims:  Invitation to everyone to attend the parade on July 5th at 11:00 AM.


At 8:30 P.M.  Mayor Sims adjourned the meeting.