Welcome to Oakville City Hall

Oakville, Washington USA

July 11, 2011

The July 11, 2011 Council Meeting was called to order by Mayor Charles Norskog at 7:30 P.M.

Everyone joined in the Pledge of Allegiance to the Flag.


Mayor Charles Norskog, Councilpersons Richard Hawkins, Traci Fallow, Thomas Sims, Brian Carsten and John Ruymann answered roll call.


Motion was made by Councilperson Carsten to accept the minutes of the regular meeting of June 13, 2011 as presented.  Seconded by Councilperson Hawkins.  No discussion.  Motion carried.


Deborah Baker-Receniello, Oakville Timberland Library Manager, gave an update of activities at the library.  The summer reading program is in full swing and the program has not started yet.  It will begin July 20th, every Wednesday to the end of August for the elementary children.  Three reading programs for teens will begin July 23 thru August 1st and on July 30th,  July 30th, there is a program called “Teens Guitar Hero”.  There are posters around town, “World-Class Reader Lives Here” and are given out to every family member.

Councilperson Fallow asked about the status of the proposed new library and Deborah gave a brief run- down re: architecture designs, looking for grants etc., and looking to hold a kick-off in October.

Bernard Meile commented on the fact that he had received a late notice on a water bill for his tenant and did not understand the notice and was upset.    The City Clerk stated that when a tenant is late on a water bill, a notice is sent to them and at the same time a notice is sent to the owner, as a courtesy, so that he/she is aware of the lateness in case this tenant were to move out.


Mayor Norskog stated the basketball court is now about 99% complete.  HHe suggested having a City fun day in commemoration of the completion and some point in time, looking into the naming the basketball court.


The City Attorney submitted a written report of Legal Activities as of July 11, 2011.


Lt. Porter submitted a summary report of hours for May and June.


Dan Thompson read a written report as of July 11, 2011.

Water.  The Annual Consumer Confidence Reports were mailed to all water customers.

The Dept. of Health Annual Water Efficiency Report has been completed.

Streets.  The Chehalis Tribe has secured funding for the State Street Harris Culvert project.  Hopefully this will help the flooding problem.  The project is set to begin August 11th and last for approximately 6 weeks.  State Street on the County side, will be closed.  Detours will be posted.

Annual road stripping will begin July 18th.


Business Licenses: The draft business license ordinance that was to be reviewed at the June workshop was cancelled due to the City being on summer schedule of one meeting a month.  After some discussion, is was suggested to table the draft ordinance for further review at the workshop meeting July 25, 2011, 7:30 p.m. and the public is invited.

A member of the audience asked about the review by the City Attorney regarding the legality of the placement of the fence on S Newton between Harris and Eagle Streets.  Mayor Norskog stated since he has not received the report, he asked Dan Thompson to include the report in the council packets.


Railroad Management Company - The City has received copies of past due invoices from 2003 thru 2006 for railroad easements.  After discussion, Councilperson Hawkins made a motion to have the City Clerk discuss a payment schedule. Seconded by Councilperson Fallow.  Motion carried.

Joe Atoch Letter dated June 17, 2011 was included in the Council Packets.  The City Clerk will send a letter of explanation.   

Ervin Murphy, Police Insignia Historian submitted a request to Council asking for the Police Patch Board along the hallway opposite the stairway.  He would like to compile an insignia and memorabilia report of the past Oakville Police Department.  There will be no charge, however, he would like to keep the patches.  His ultimate goal is to start a museum about the history of Washington cities police departments. After the presentation, Council suggested they check with the City Attorney.



Cedar Creek Corrections Contract Renewal - Motion was made by Councilperson Fallow and seconded by Councilperson Carsten to renew the Letter of Agreement and Work Project Description between Cedar Creek Corrections Center and the City of Oakville. Motion carried.

Notice of Liquor License Application. The City has received notification from the State Liquor Control Board asking for City’s approval or objection. Motion was made by Councilperson Carsten and seconded by Councilperson Fallow to approve the liquor license application. Discussion. Motion carried.


Ord. 587 Business Licenses and Res. 377 Business License Fee

As discussed earlier, these will be tabled for the July 25, 2011 workshop.

CLERK’S REPORT: The City Clerk presented Checks #16556 thru 16569 dated 06-22-11 in the amount of $8,963.18. Checks #16570 thru 16593 dated 07-08-11 in the amount of $23,492.18. Payroll Checks #11534 thru 11548 dated 06-29-11 in the amount of $11,280.90. Motion was made by Councilperson Carsten and seconded by Councilperson Sims to accept the Clerk’s Report as presented. Motion carried.


Shane Wirtz asked questions regarding the draft business license ordinance and asked for some clarification. It was suggested he attend the workshop on July 25th.

Bonnie Wirtz asked if Council was aware of the fact that any business that opens has to have a State business license and pay sales tax. However, Oakville may still have a business license as well and the types of businesses would follow the Oakville Municipal Code.


Councilperson Sims asked about the status of William Henry’s insurance claim against the City.


There being no more comments from the Council, meeting adjourned at 8:45 P.M.