Welcome to Oakville City Hall

Oakville, Washington USA

December 12, 2011

The December 12, 2011 regular Council Meeting was called to order by Mayor Charles Norskog at 7:30 P.M.

Everyone joined in the Pledge of Allegiance to the Flag.


Mayor Charles Norskog, Councilpersons Richard Hawkins, Thomas Sims, Lisa Van Dalsen answered roll call.  Mayor Norskog asked for a 5-minute recess to swear in Councilpersons Hawkins and Sims to begin their newly elected council positions.  Councilperson Hawkins made a motion to excuse Councilpersons Fallow and Ruymann.  Seconded by Councilperson Sims.  Motion passed.


Councilperson Hawkins asked that it be noted under Correspondence regarding LeMay Enterprises letter dated November 8, 2011 that the Council will be reviewing this contract.  Motion was made by Councilperson Hawkins to accept the Council Minutes of the regular meeting of November 14, 2011 with the above noted remark.  Seconded by Councilperson Sims.  Motion carried.


2012 Budget and Tax Levy Hearing- Hearing opened at 7:35 P.M. for questions and comments.  Bernard Meile commented that he hoped Council will take a close look at those figures.  Mayor Norskog stated due diligence was taken in preparing the 2012 budget. Hearing closed at 7:37 P.M.


Bernard Meile wished everyone a blessed Christmas and a Happy New Year.  Also he welcomed Lisa Van Dalsen and the other two elected council members.


The City Attorney submitted a written report of legal activities as of December 8, 2011. 


Lt. Porter gave out a summary report of Oakville’s activity.  He explained the reason for the low hours of activity for the October and November months.  One officer was on administrative leave; a Deputy was moved from East County and another Deputy was OIC and all three have had extensive Oakville hours.   Also Lt. Porter was on disability for a month.  The average for the year has remained at 45 hours a week which is above the contracted hours.

Let the record show that Councilperson Fallow arrived at 7:49 P.M.


Dan Thompson read a written report for the period November 15 to December 9, 2011.

Under streets, Councilperson Hawkins suggested that it may be more cost-effective to maybe gravel certain roads once a year rather than twice.  Dan will check into this.


Flood Authority Update - Dan Thompson submitted and read a summary of monthly flood authority activity.  The Flood Authority Board Members approved the addition of Napavine and Cosmopolis to join the Chehalis River Basin Flood Authority.  A second addendum to the Interlocal Agreement among the communities of the Chehalis River Basin was presented for signatures adding Napavine and Cosmopolis and withdrawing the Confederated Tribes of the Chehalis Reservation as per their request. Councilperson Fallows moved to accept this Addendum to the Interlocal Flood Authority adding Napavine and Cosmopolis and removing the Confederated Tribes of the Chehalis Reservation.  Seconded by Councilperson Sims.  Councilperson Hawkins opposed. Motion carried.


2012 Budget

Motion was made by Councilperson Fallow and seconded by Councilperson Hawkins to accept the 2012 Budget as presented.  Roll Call Vote:  Richard Hawkins, yes; Traci Fallow, yes; Thomas Sims, yes; Lisa Van Dalsen, yes.  Motion carried.

Water Rights Sales Agreement 

Motion was made by Councilperson Hawkins to accept  the Purchase and Sale Agreement as presented.  Seconded by Councilperson Sims.  Discussion regarding the consultant firm, HDR, to complete the remaining consulting contract.  Motion carried.

Teamster Renewal Contract

Motion was made by Councilperson Fallow and seconded by Councilperson Hawkins to renew the union contract for the period effective January 1, 2012 until the 31st day of December 2014.  Motion carried.

Law Enforcement Addendum

Councilperson Hawkins moved to accept the Second Addendum to the Law Enforcement Services Contract between Grays Harbor County and the City of Oakville.  Seconded by Councilperson Fallow.  Motion carred.


Aaland/Henry Appeal - DECISION:  The appeal by Mr. Henry was denied. The imposition of the late fee for non-payment of the bill in a timely manner was upheld.


Ordinance 588, An Ordinance Amending the 2011 Budget to Increase Revenues and Expenditures to Fund 001, 103, 301 and 401 for a Total Amount of $17,000.00 and Authorizing the City Clerk/Treasurer to Effect such Amendment to the 2011 Budget.  Motion was made by Councilperson Hawkins and seconded by Councilperson Sims to adopt Ordinance 588.  Motion carried.                                                                                                                              

Ordinance 589, An Ordinance Adopting a Budget for the Calendar Year 2012.   Motion was made by Councilperson Fallow and seconded by Councilperson Sims to adopt Ordinance 589.  Motion carried.

Resolution 378, A Resolution Expressing Concern about Actions and Comments of the Grays Harbor County Commission.  Motion was made Councilperson Hawkins and seconded by Councilperson Sims to adopt Resolution 378 as presented.  Motion carried.


The City Clerk presented Checks 16721 thru 16731 dated 11-28-11 in the amount of $3,192.37.  Checks 16732 thru 16749 dated 12-08-11 in the amount of $14,445.52.  Payroll Checks 11612 thru 11626 dated 11-29-11 in the amount of $12,400.97.  Motion was made by Councilperson Hawkins and seconded by Councilperson Van Dalsen to accept the Clerk’s Report as presented.  Motion carried.


Mayor and Council wished everyone a Merry Christmas and a joyous holiday.

At the same time, Council welcomed Lisa Van Dalsen to her newly elected position.

Meeting adjourned at 8:16 P.M.