Residential Permit

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Applications must be completed in full. Incomplete applications will not be processed.



Septic Designer


Is this a mobile home?
Length and Width in feet

Property Information

Is water Existing, Proposed, Well, or Community water system? 
Is sewage or septic Existing, Proposed, Community Water System?
Is Road Access Existing, Proposed, Private Drive, or Shared Drive? Name private road or public road.
Has the property been surveyed for this project?
Are property corners and lines marked on site?
Is the project located within a floodplain or prone to flooding?
The Chehalis flood damage Prevention Ordinance requires that a project located within afloodplain must meet Flood Hazard reduction standards, in compliance with the NationalFlood Plain Insurance Program
Name the river or creek 
Is the property located within 150' of a cemetary?
Has the property ever flooded?

Project Information

Are there plans for future additions to the project?

Environmental Checklist:

Environmental Checklist:

⸋ Will the project create a source of water runoff, including storm water?

⸋ Will the project require surface or groundwater withdrawals?

⸋ Does this project involve removal or import of fill?

⸋ Is the project located in an area of historic, archaeological or cultural importance?

⸋ Will the project result in loss or alteration to natural habitat