City of Oakville

Oakville, WA

February 10, 2014

Mayor Sims called the regular Council Meeting of February 10, 2014 to order at 7:30 P.M.


Everyone joined in the Pledge of Allegiance.



Mayor Thomas Sims and Council members John Ruymann, Traci Fallow, Allan Palmerson, and Angelo Cilluffo answered roll call. Councilman Ruymann made a motion to excuse Councilman Hawkins’s absence.  Councilmember Fallow seconded the motion.  Motion carried.



Motion was made by Councilman Ruymann with a second by Councilor Palmerson to accept the regular meeting minutes of January 13, 2014 as written.  Motion carried. 


Buck Meile:  Grace Street situation getting worse.  Among other things, garbage is being burned.  The Gray’s Harbor Sheriff’s office is aware of the problems.

Amy Thompson: Would like the council to end the library negotiations.



The City Hall has hot water now.



Port of Gray’s Harbor:  Kayla Dunlap, Public Affairs Specialist; Commissioner Chad Dunlap, representing District #1 (Oakville’s District); and Alysa Shay, Manager of Business Development at the Satsop Business Park presented a slide presentation showing “who” the Port of Gray’s Harbor is, what it has done, what it is doing, and what future plans are.  They answered questions and offered their services to the City of Oakville for aid in any way needed.


ATTORNEY’S REPORT:  Included in packets  



Lt. Porter handed out the 2013 statistics which showed there were fewer calls for service than in 2012.  He also added to the report how many calls the animal control officer received. 

Neighborhood Watch:  Councilor John Ruymann volunteered to be the contact person.



Public Works Director, Dan Thompson did not have his usual written Water, Streets, Cemetery, Parks & Misc report because he was away at the Evergreen Rural Water Conference in Yakima.  He therefore, gave an oral report.



Library Interlocal Agreement: Council member Fallow made a motion to hold a town hall

meeting (public forum) for the greater Oakville community. There was a second by

Councilman Cilluffo.  Motion carried. 


2014 Council Committees:  A motion was made by Councilor Ruymann, with a second by

Councilman Cilluffo to accept the committee roster and to re-elect Richard Hawkins as Mayor ProTem.  Motion carried. 

New City Entry Signs: Information was included in packets. 



Oakville Chamber Letter:  Council woman Fallow made a motion for the Mayor to enter into an agreement with the Chamber of Commerce allowing the Chamber to use the library on the first Wednesday of the month at 5:30 for their meetings. Councilman Cilluffo seconded the motion.  Motion carried. 


Community Watch-Insurance Info:  Tabled until next workshop.






Amy Durga, the City Clerk, submitted Checks #17571 thru #17597 dated 1-24-14 in the amount of $63,248.48

Checks #17598 thru #17612 dated 2-5-14, in the amount of $26,722.64

Payroll Checks #12063 thru #12079 dated 1-30-14, in the amount of $14,115.97

Motion was made by Council member Fallow and seconded by Council member Palmerson to accept the Clerk’s Report as presented for payment of the bills.  Motion carried.




Council member Fallow:  Commented it was nice to have the county attend the meeting.

Councilman Palmerson: Discussions on the location of the library have been going on for a long time.  After the town hall meeting, the Council should make a final decision.

Councilor Ruymann:  “GO HAWKS”!!!!!


A motion was made by Councilor Fallow and seconded by Councilman Ruymann to Adjourn the Meeting at 9:10 P.M.  Motion carried.

City Council Meetings

Oakville City Council meets the 2nd and 4th Monday of each month at 7:30 PM.

The 2nd Monday is a Business Meeting and the 4th Monday is a Workshop.